Johnny Cash

Household Registry


Item Description Required Received Actions
Artwork Well-known print of elderly couple with bread (together, not separate prints) 1 0 View
Artwork Well-known print of fall scene with leaf-covered path through a forest; orange, red, gold, green colors; leaves falling 1 1 View
Bathtub Clawfoot like tubs in other colonist homes 1 1 View
Beds Iron, painted black with high curved headboards and footboards; wrought iron bars across. All four beds were full size. 4 4 View
Bibles To be placed on the nightstands 2 2 View
Billfold Used beginning in 1936 1 1 View
Books Appropriate for 1930s-1940s Era in a Dyess, Arkansas colonist home 8 8 View
Books Lone Bull's Mistake (favorite of young J.R. Cash) 1 1 View
Books McGuffey Readers 7 7 View
Bowls Mix and Match 10 10 View
Bread Board Wooden country cutting board 1 1 View
Brooms and Mops 1930s-1940s era 2 0 View
Bucket Simple metal for use on back porch (with dipper) 1 1 View
Buffet Mahogany sideboard 1 1 View
Butter Churn Crock style 1 1 View
Buttons Jar full of vintage buttons 1 1 View
Camera Brownie 1 1 View
Canned Goods Labels from the 1940s era 10 10 View
Chair-Living Room Old lounger, non-reclining, dark blue like couch 1 0 View
Chairs-Dining Room Straight Back-Did not match 8 3 View